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Our Mission

We aim to supply cost-efficient energy, support ancillary services and facilitate the proliferation of all kinds of renewable energy through research and develop cutting-edge Virtual Power Plant technology.

The Challenge

The Australian is on track to reach the target of 26% renewable energy by 2030. According to the analysis from ANU, there is a potential to reach 100% in the near future. In order for this to happen, current system security and voltage regulation concerns need to be eliminated. We believe that IoT and AI-based virtual power plants solution can play a vital role in achieving our final goal.

The Solution

We have developed cutting-edge VPP technology that will maximise DER. We will implementing the world’s most comprehensive and advanced VPP system by integrate AI and IoT technology in current VPP system, and achieve optimal energy dispatch at a local level, which will reduce the probability of a solar panel tripping, maximising the return of investment. At the grid level, our VPP technology will allow power from distributed households to be controllable by the grid operator, which increases grid capability, enhances reliability, decreases the operating and maintenance costs and reduces the chance of blackouts.

The successful application will make the lead applicant—and Australia—world leaders in the VPP industry and will boost the solar industry in Australia.

Everreach Power Tech : Who We Are

Everreach Power Tech(EPT) is a VPP technology research and development focused company, and aiming to grow into biggest VPP service and product supplier in Australia. EPT share the same major shareholder and director with FutureX and has collaboration with Sunport and Bayview over previous VPP research, which has laid the foundation for this product to be commercialised. EPT has also involved in long-term collaboration with UNSW, aiming to gain research skills to facilitate the growth of the company.
Initial Cost ( Million )
1st Stage ( Month )
Initial Deployment

Core Research Collaboration Partners



Future X Power



We will launch a research collaboration between Everreach Power Tech(EPT), CSIRO, FutureX, Sunport, Bayview and BYD, which forms a supply chain of VPP components including electricity retailer, battery, solar cell and inverter with an aim to investigate emerging IoT and AI technologies and improve the operating efficiency of virtual power plants. Accordingly, we will develop hardware systems, software platforms, forecasting and optimisation algorithms that take the practical requirements into consideration. Then, with help of industry partners, EPT will implement the whole virtual power plant system in practice after the necessary trials and it will demonstrate the world’s first fully functional virtual power plant that can not only shave peak load but also support ancillary services for the utility grid.

Why Invest ?

As an outcome of the research and development , the participants will establish world-first VPP technologies that position EPT, and the nation, as global leaders in the VPP industry. It develops advanced AI-based control, which enables distributed small-scale solar generation to put joint effort in support the reliability of utility grid, which is a significant step towards the future digital energy network that will provide clear, reliable and affordable electricity. These Australian-made technologies will create huge economic value that far exceed the investment on the EPT



VPP Platform

  • software-run the VPP operation management platform including all the functionalities such as account management, sectionalisation, monitoring, control, visualization, forecasting, optimal decision making, data storage, data analysis, financial management.
  • Third party application program interface-for third party access use


Operation Algorithms

  • Sectionalisation algorithm-connect and group VPP units
  • Decision dispatch algorithm-dispatch optimized decisions to VPP units
  • Forecasting algorithm-data driven forecast for PV power generation and load demand
  • Optimization algorithm-optimize decisions of all the VPP operation modes


VPP Hardware

  • System structure-design physical and communication connections for all system components
  • IoT based signal senders and receivers-send and receive operation/control signals

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